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The Basic Rules of Democ

  1. Everybody gets one vote, which is why (at least for now) you have to login with Facebook. We’re also going to be implementing device fingerprinting which will means every account needs a unique device attached to it. This will make it expensive, though not impossible, to cast duplicate votes.
  2. If you control an email address for a company or school (meaning you can open an email sent to that address), you can vote as a member of that company or school. Based on your location, you can vote in one city, state, and country at a time. If you leave, those votes don’t count there anymore, until you come back. Everybody can vote as a member of the @world group.
  3. Based on the preferences you set on Facebook, everybody gets to vote as a member of one political party, hometown, alma mater, religion, gender, and generation. If you change one of these preferences on Facebook your votes no longer count in that group, unless you come back.
  4. Anyone can create an issue on Democ in any group they’re in. Once created, Issues are community property— the author doesn’t control them, and can’t edit or delete them. Anyone can add new choices for multiple choice and time/date/place issues. Issues you created don’t disappear if you leave the group.
  5. Democ won’t post to your Facebook wall without your permission. If you share your contacts, Democ may invite them to join your work / school / organizational group. This invitation comes from Democ, not from you, and it does not mention your name or email address. Democ does not spam and will send at most one invite email as a result of your sharing a contact.
  6. Your school or workplace administration / management can probably ban Democ by policy and/or block our emails, but other than that they have no special control over Democ, can’t control it, and have no special powers within our system to see who voted how or on what. We take every precaution to make sure they can’t even see that you’ve joined, but can’t guarantee it.
  7. Democ reserves the right to delete issues that fail to meet our standards, including but not limited to: poor spelling or grammar, duplicate issue, personally identifiable information, bullying or hate speech, inciting violence— you get the idea. Democ will not change the number of votes on an issue, and it’s a long term goal of ours to make this verifiable through blockchain technology.
  8. Users can earn gems by creating issues, voting on issues, commenting, and otherwise engaging with Democ. They can also earn gems when others interact with their contact. The more gems a user has, the higher their issues rank on the main feed.

Some features are not yet built, this outlines our expected functionality.